Day: April 25, 2014

  • Dream better dreams, good-bye.

    Sept 3, 2003 - the day 2.0 announced its new "Official 2.0 Launch".

    Sept 4, 2014 -  the day 2.0 disappears forever without any notification to anyone whatsoever.

    (imagine the voice of FDR...) "A day that will live in infamy for social networking throughout the cyber-eons."

    Not really.  They have already cleared the legal ramifications of the  shutdown with their North Korean paralegal online-hired cyber-intern.

    "Nuke it!"  was the decisive Kim Jong Un-ian Orphan Black (cloning) compelling command from a Windows 95 OS workstation sourcing from a 30 minute-leased cyber-kiosk endpoint in Pyongyang.

    Cool.  Some North Korean communication are permitted outbound to the most moribund sectors of the capitalist internet!

    In any case, that's a third of a year from now. Far longer than the projected life of a fruit fly (nine days).

    Did you know it takes at least eighteen days (twice the life of a fruit fly)  to make something a habit?


    Eat plenty of fruit daily in the meantime.  Make it a habit!

    But don't plan to fly this ill-fated 2.0 flight beyond the Sep 4th recording capabilities of an ultimately-doomed, cyber-oceanic, no-longer-cyber-beaconing Davy Jones Locker blackout.

    Unless you wish me to run real imaginary circles around your disappearance through the ever-confounding meta-oceanic crypts of a real, cyber-popularized  cemetery deemed in everlasting multi-dimensional, multi-sensory lore as "Dreamland".

    "Dream other dreams, and better!"   - advised "The Mysterious Stranger", Chapter 11, Mark Twain:

    But you: dream better, you deserve, you must, than Mark Twain ever did so imagine.

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