August 27, 2016

  • I can't believe...

    ...that this is still here.  Kind of feels like a property with a house no longer lived in but merely kept as part of an investment portfolio.  Still, greetings to any who remain or visit here.

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  • So, I'm just cruising though tonight.

  • I can comment but nothing else. I have, at the most, two people on my subs list who still post regularly. I've thought about blogging here but there's no way for me to sign up to do so, despite the promises Xanga made to allow this to happen. It seems the staff have abandoned ship and gone on to other things.

  • I really miss the culture here on xanga and everything. It seems like I pop in here just to see how xanga 2.0 but it seems dead to be honest.

  • Longest of times NFP! Don't know if you remember someone from as early as 2000. Lol!
    The eprops and thangs.

    It was good while it lasted.

    Do drop in a hi! Hope all rocking as always.

  • Yeah, it's strange now.

  • Very strange..sadly...hope all is well*

  • Greetings, NFP! <3 Xanga Relics and eProps forever.

  • Excellent analogy

  • Some of us just don't let go. Merry Christmas, NFP! How have you been? Mostly I'm on Facebook (family) Still writing poetry. I really miss the Xanga community-- we were the best! Cheers.

  • There were days I wished I'd had access to your thought processes, but mostly, I settled for being allowed any access at all.


    I've known of the sadness put upon you, in March of last year, Steve.
    Building shared memories should never have to be a completed project.

    Take care, always.


  • Still here...still here

  • yes.

  • All the best in 2017.

  • 2 eprops

  • 15 years later, checking in...NFP, we need to get the blogging community up again.

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