Month: April 2014

  • Dream better dreams, good-bye.

    Sept 3, 2003 - the day 2.0 announced its new "Official 2.0 Launch".

    Sept 4, 2014 -  the day 2.0 disappears forever without any notification to anyone whatsoever.

    (imagine the voice of FDR...) "A day that will live in infamy for social networking throughout the cyber-eons."

    Not really.  They have already cleared the legal ramifications of the  shutdown with their North Korean paralegal online-hired cyber-intern.

    "Nuke it!"  was the decisive Kim Jong Un-ian Orphan Black (cloning) compelling command from a Windows 95 OS workstation sourcing from a 30 minute-leased cyber-kiosk endpoint in Pyongyang.

    Cool.  Some North Korean communication are permitted outbound to the most moribund sectors of the capitalist internet!

    In any case, that's a third of a year from now. Far longer than the projected life of a fruit fly (nine days).

    Did you know it takes at least eighteen days (twice the life of a fruit fly)  to make something a habit?


    Eat plenty of fruit daily in the meantime.  Make it a habit!

    But don't plan to fly this ill-fated 2.0 flight beyond the Sep 4th recording capabilities of an ultimately-doomed, cyber-oceanic, no-longer-cyber-beaconing Davy Jones Locker blackout.

    Unless you wish me to run real imaginary circles around your disappearance through the ever-confounding meta-oceanic crypts of a real, cyber-popularized  cemetery deemed in everlasting multi-dimensional, multi-sensory lore as "Dreamland".

    "Dream other dreams, and better!"   - advised "The Mysterious Stranger", Chapter 11, Mark Twain:

    But you: dream better, you deserve, you must, than Mark Twain ever did so imagine.

  • musical chairs

    I am strapping back in time, exchanging this for that, and falling into possession of the most youthful energy .  I am visualizing a game called Musical Chairs.  Are you all familiar with it?  

    musical chairs

    It’s a game where the players are dispatched walking to music (and why not dancing?  why not dancing ?) around a seating of chairs and when the music stops, the players must all grab the nearest seat to avoid elimination.  How elimination?  It’s arranged by the rules that there is always one less seat than players—and any excess seats are removed from the floor.  Hence, there will always be an odd prancer out when the music ends.  And that prancer is eliminated.

    As a child, I utterly hated this game.  For me, it was the essence of terrorism: A world where it was imagined that humanity cannot find a plenitude of co-existing niches, but must overflow all boundaries of civility by essentially mandating an ownership-incompatibility, the termination of which was essential to fair continuance of the game.

    You know: I never won at that game.  Never won.  At all.  Because I totally  embraced the anti-terror of non-participation, at least in my heart.  As an alibi.   To dance away.

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