Day: September 19, 2013

  • Damn ("f") John CEO. And damn "f" edlives, the loudmouth mouthpiece for 2.0 migration before the migration but now nowhere to be responsibly found.

    Promises, promises. And now they only give us this overly constrained WordPress coffin in a pauper's graveyard for us to bury ourselves in.

    2.0 is sooooooo dysfunctional that it had less than 500 visits from the whole world yesterday. The fuckin' whole internet world!

    Out of 1,260 current outstanding requests for Help, John answered only 2 in the last 24 hours. At that rate John, it will only take 3.5 years for you or the xangateam, John, to answer all the rest of the outstanding Help requests. And that, providing there are no new ones. But there well may not be since almost all are giving up hope for this fiasco.

    When Xanga first emerged in the year 2000, I "discovered" John and all the other xangagods and put pressure on John and all the other xangagods to out themselves from their non-communicative, not-very-well-disguised hiddenness and take public administrative responsibility for this site. And they did. And the fuckin' site flourished. Of course, they never publicly thanked me. You're welcomed.

    Now, there is no possible appeal to him/them. They have their 2.0 money. They are disappearing again, for good, fleeing this ill-conceived business fantasy they attempted to re-launch. Visits here are flatlining like a rock attached to a heart monitor in an ER. Flatter, more rock-like, everyday. There is no way they are going to bust their asses to serve the 250 daily visitors that will come here one month from now. Or the 125 daily funeral parlor visitors that come to pay their respects two months from now.

    If I post no more, it is because Xanga 2.0 is crawling like extra-cosmic molasses in response time. I wonder if John et crew have not cut back on the inital 2.0 server resources to save money after realizing this is a total, dismal, unpopulated failure.

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