Day: September 14, 2013

  • dive, dive, dive ...

    upward bound

    This place - xanga - it's just a dive anymore.

    dive - a bar that is sleazy, poorly maintained and in overall bad shape.

    "The "High Noon Saloon" is a real dive bar. Whenever it rains, you're bound to be ankle-deep in wastewater and so might just as well piss where you sit."

    Here's something interesting: Ever wonder where you rank by profile creation date in Xanga's 13 year history? If you leave a complaint or a comment on the Xanga Help - Unresolved page, you can hover over your name's link and see the numbered rank attending to your initiation. John, for instance, is number 53. I came in at 4,812. Just prowling around, I found someone else at 38,453,350. To think that Xanga has had probably over 40,000,000 users through its history but now has only 300 visitors a day is plain divey!

    General Xanga 2.0 stats:

    331: the number of people who visited Xanga on 9/13/2013.

    951: the number of paid subscriptions for the one year that xanga 2.0 will exist.

    1207: the number of unresolved requests for Help to Xanga 2.0

    23: the number of resolved requests for Help to Xanga 2.0

    0: my estimate of the number of new members that Xanga 2.0 has enticed.

    Personal Xanga stats:

    13: the number of years I have blogged here (13 years in December).

    2586: the number of posts during those 13 years.

    202: the average number of yearly posts over those 13 years (most early on, fewer as the years grew tall).

    42,224: the number of comments left by you over those 13 years.

    16: the average number of comments left on my posts over those 13 years.

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