Day: September 12, 2013

  • a dark country road

    I think that less than 150 peeps have blogged a new blog so far on the new Xanga 2.0.  Hard to tell because our access here is so horribly insular and disconnected from others.  But it's my best guest as a past graduate school college professor of quantitative analysis (statistics).

    In other words, if you went to a large high school, about 1/3 of your graduating class--scattered all around the world--is now investing in expressing itself here.  Hope you were popular in high school.

    September 11th's near-mortem stats from Quantcast, Xanga's official stat keeper:


    Every day...fewer and fewer and fewer.  Even the number of complainers who were registering their complaints with xanga's Help ( that they lost legitimate Premium/Subscribed access is diminishing.  Not because they got the Help they sought.  But because an overwhelming numbers of their complaints have not been addressed by John and his minimal remaining xanga staff.  And those so disenfranchised by xanga are prevalently just giving up.

    Xanga is no longer even a little town with one stop light.  Or a township with one stop sign at an intersection.  It's a short stretch of country road with no lights or intersections.

    But you know what?  For those of us left, meeting by chance or divine design alongside this country road in a country cornfield with little traffic and no lights but starlight could prove extremely intimate.


  • other news

    Unfortunately, Xanga 2.0 went from a daily "high" of 1894 users on Sep 4th to just 476 on Sep 10th. There is a definite downward trend, less now every day. (The daily high on the "old" Xanga over the past year was about 160,000.)

    Many of the 476 are users who can't access their blogs and go to the Help page to complain.

    Of 800 registered requests for help, 15 have been marked resolved. There are numerous genuine-sounding complaints where people claim they are Premium or have contributed to the Fundraiser but still can't get back on their blog.

    Woe is Xanga.

    In other news, my wife learned yesterday, after a full body Pet (positron emission tomography ) scan, that she is now free of cancer after many, many years of chemo and having just undergone two lung surgeries. And my grandson, Artie, has started preschool.

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