Day: July 20, 2013

  • Reincarnation? No thanks.

    I have concluded that the XangaTeam is a bunch of religious fanatics who are attempting to prove by proxy that there is life after death.  Reincarnation, even.  And that all who donate are its cult followers.

    It's a great experiment:  Watch Xanga die!  Watch it be born again!  Come with us to the Promised Land!

    Well, I've decided to hang on to the end, but no longer. 

    Moreover, I'd like to post the very last post on this site.  I'd like to be the last Xangan standing! (The new Xangantwoers won't count - they'll become "Xangantwoers" , ha ha.)

    But  how can I assure that I have the very last post?

    Even if Xanga dies on July 31st, will it be at midnight EST or at noon in Hong Kong (HKT time)?  Hell, Xanga is worldwide so shutting down on July 31st could come almost anytime.  If Xanga decides to go by Suva, Fiji time (FJT) and shut down at midnight on the 31st, that would be 8 AM on Jul 30th EST !  Oh, this is so confusing.

    Xanga should have a candle-on countdown and announce the precise hour in a precise time zone that the lights will go out.  Then I can spam my own blog with an inundation of posts to capture the last microsecond of Xanga's real existence.  Never a twoer!  Damn, going out strong.

  • I can't save Xanga.

    Sorry.  There are just too many other more worthwhile causes too care about in this world.

    Xanga has declared that my Lifetime membership ends with Xanga.  Which for me means that Xanga ends with Xanga.

    Xanga 2.0 is doomed to become nothing more than a zombie act of short duration.

    And I don't like zombies.

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