Month: June 2013

  • Get a grip

    I just contributed $1 to the Xanga Relaunch Fundraiser.  Was the first to do so for $1.  Just another first to join my many-faded firsts here on Xanga. clueless

  • Why didn't they ever tell us about Quantcast?

    Stats help tell the sad story.

    Xanga subscribes to Quantcast  and is "Quantified"  This means that Xanga has placed Quantcast javascript on its site that provides absolutely accurate counts of all uniques visits, pageviews, etc. - and you can trend any period of time since Xanga subscribed to this service back on July 26th, 2007.

     Check out Xanga's Quantcast for yourself.

    Better yet, check out your own site's Xanga Quantcast by searching here.

    “It's so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.”
    John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent


  • Shame on Xanga

    Years ago, my dear, now-departed friend Rose gifted me Lifetime Xanga.  We used to joke about what "Lifetime" meant.  Did it mean our own historic "lifetimes"?  Or Xanga's "lifetime"- when Xanga ran out of money and folded?

    Either way we could not escape the implication that it meant the very end of some life.

    Curiously enough, Xanga has always been ambivalent about what Lifetime Xanga means.  As you can see below from my current settings, one one hand, my plan never expires (perpetuity - True Lifetime).  On the other hand, my Lifetime is set to expire in 139 months and 30 days (11 and 2/3 years) - 2025.  Okay, far enough in the future that I could always make my case to Xanga about extending it to true perpetuity then...


    But now, facing financial oblivion, John has redefined "Xanga Lifetime" below (in red).  He says after 4 years of Lifetime, "your Xanga Premium has been free."  As if to say, "Since it is free, we are 'gifting' it to you now and we can, at our own discretion, start recharging you for it at any time."  And he says basically that if you have already enjoyed Xanga Lifetime for 4 years, you will soon enjoy it no more.

    That's total bullshit and a breach of contract.  It's a disgrace.  If Xanga is breaking the trust that Rose invested in it to sustain my blogging as long as I or Xanga lived on, then something has to die on or before July 15th.  And I intend to keep myself alive. 

    I'd rather see Xanga die and disappear altogether on July 15th than to have it linger on for awhile as a mocking reminder that a dear and heartfelt gift to me by Rose has been dishonored.

    At various times over the past decade, we've sold Lifetime Premium memberships for $100. Because we normally charge $25 for a year-long Xanga Premium membership, this means that after 4 years of Xanga Premium service, your Xanga Premium has been free.
    As mentioned above, the current Xanga Premium program is being shelved. But we will be offering credits in the new system for all Lifetime Premium members, at the rate of $25/year. If it's been a year since you bought a Lifetime Premium membership, we will give you a credit of $75. If it's been two years, you'll receive a credit of $50; three years = a credit of $25. If it's been more than four years, you won't receive a monetary credit but we will find another way to offer you something special as a thank you.


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