Day: July 16, 2013

  • Orchids R

    Orchids are a wonderful relationship flower.

    But they are something you should bring up early in an intimate relationship with a proposition to your partner such as this:

    "Do you want to have awesome sex every day for the rest of our lives?  Orchids?"

    Xanga is broken.  Things are not working right if they are working at all.  Search is 95% dysfunctional.  Archive downloads take way too long.  Commenting works most but not all of the time.  I have five Rec's on my last post which should put me near the top on the Most Rec'd view, but I am nowhere to be found in that list. (Actually, this is just additional evidence that Xanga blacklisted me about 5-6 years ago from ever appearing in any of their promoted views ever again.  I think I scared them.  I believe they thought any popularity thrown my way might lead to Xanga's demise.  Well, well--they can't blame me for the mess they are in.)  There are less users on Xanga now than probably late 2000 or early 2001 - very early in its infancy; but access is getting slower and slower and slobbier.  It took me over 30 seconds to upload this post on my very high speed internet connection (the connection isn't the issue, it is the Xanga servers).  I can't even upload a picture of an orchid to include in this post!  I never had grounds nor ever observed that Xanga totally sucks before.  But it does now.


    If Xanga 2.0 doesn't work out, be reassured that i just purchased and  For $1 apiece.  For one year.  If Xanga 2.0 falters, I will use these two related domains to create a Xanga cemetery where you can upload all your condolences and remembrances about Xanga and fellow Xangans.  Details to be worked out later.  And, oh, by the way, there will be no membership fees!  But you will have to buy a Xanga plot and headstone for $48 a year. cool

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