February 2, 2009

  • Groundhogs are Pagan

    A few simple Groundhog questions:

    Why does light bring continued darkness?
    And darkness, supposed light?

    On February 2nd we find the coincidence of many holidays: the Christian Candlemas (Feast of the Purification of the Virgin Mary) Day, the modern Groundhog's Day, the pagan celebrations of rebirth (Imbolc and Oimelc), and St Brigit's Day (Ireland). And they're all related! There's a re-aligned tie-in, too, of the Roman holiday of Lupercalia (modern St. Valentine's Day) since the Feast of Purification and Groundhog' Day were celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox calendar and some Ozark folks on Feb. 14th , and many pagans consider the current Candlemas Day (Feb. 2), the Feast of Lights, to be a pagan version of St. Valentine's Day anyways. So confusing! (For a stunning analysis of the all these intricate holiday tie-ins, check out Candlemas: The Light Returns)

    But back to riddle at hand....

    According to an old English song:

    If Candlemas be fair and bright,
    Come, Winter, have another flight;
    If Candlemas brings clouds and rain,
    Go Winter, and come not again.

    According to an old Scotch couplet:

    If Candlemas Day is bright and clear,
    There'll be twa (two) winters in the year.

    Why so? Because Candlemas day is a cross-quarter day in the pagan calendar, six weeks between the solstices and equinoxes. And according to pagan beliefs, the cross-quarter days can be used as 'inverse' weather predictors, whereas the normal quarter-days are used as 'direct' weather predictors.

    So face it: Punxsutawney Phil is a pagan (naughty groundhog pagan!) utilizing the presence (or absence) of sunshine to create a detectable shadow (or not) from which he inversely makes a prediction! No sunshine, (no shadow), winter's at an end! But sunshine (and shadow), six weeks more does dismality send!

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  • as always, you are able to draw out the very pagan-istic traditions and link them to the very 'christian' ones... in my experience, many (many) modern rituals (may day, christmas, easter) have pagan beginnings but the christians don't often like having their holidays associated with such 'evil' ...

    interesting to me how something that is misunderstood can be viewed as evil...

  • "punxsutawney"? You is wey mo eloquent than I is....

    :> Thanks for the read....


  • I love a good furry rodent pagan.

  • I'm not surprised.  I never met a groundhog that thought Jesus died for him.

  • It's amazing how much the holidays are continuations of pagan holidays, rituals, and how they can be traced back to pagan times even through the catholic church. I praise the pagan groundhog gods!

  • Thanks for the Wicca-friendly post

     * lights some myrrh and frankincense for the coming Cold Moon on monday.

  • Hey honey! I hope this comment finds you in fantastic health and you are doing all the things you want to in life.
    I have missed talking to you, and just wanted to stop over and tell you HI!



  • At Candlemas ( la chandeleur in French ) it ' s tradition here in France to make pancakes . My wife did thm and I ate them. Good tradition !

    In friendship

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    Contributors should include Roxanne Fay, professional in addition to playwright; Alice Ferrulo, operation specialist, professional dancer and founder of Dim Indy Movie theater; Bonnie Agan, celebrity; Jean Dameron, performer; Andrea Pawlisz, artisan; Diane Bailey Norton, attorney and humanities consumer; Sylvia Rusche, insurance firm, relief and humanities shopper; as well as Dr. Betty Monroe, spouse and children medical practitioner and arts customer.

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