February 14, 2009

  • Wheels to the Sky

    Now, it seems, I only visit Xanga on the holidays: Groundhog's Day last time and Valentine's Day now.  So what's the next holiday?...President's Day on Monday.  Damn, I'm practically on a roll...

    I actually was on a roll last Saturday.  My SUV rolled over and over and down into an Ohio country ditch and proclaimed 4 wheels to the sky while inside gas started to drip on me and blood dripped from me.  Coming to a stop upside-down, I took one moment to celebrate my core-life, still intact, and then righted myself and climbed up out of the broken passenger window and into open air.  Out and looking back in through the broken window, I realized the vehicle was still running with my keys in the ignition.  So I climbed back in to terminate the internal (and possible source of external) combustion, retrieved my keys, and climbed out again.  Out for a second time, I realized that yet another set of keys (to the country log cabin) - that I had deposited in a cup tray - had been thrown somewhere inside about.   So I climbed in again, searched, and found them.  And again climbed back out.  At that point, nearly completely battered, exhausted, and confused, I walked away....

    One week later, no, I'm NOT okay -- I'm still dripping blood onto the keyboard.  Just kidding.  I'm not that sloppy.  I'm dripping neatly into collector basins for resale to vampires.

    I've already settled with the insurance company.  Now it's time to find a new ride.  And heal.

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