Day: February 18, 2008

  • Things Xanga

    It turned out one day many years into the Xanga adventure that eProps were no longer enough.  So on that day Xanga created Stars. (Think: the Book of Genesis.)  Soon, however, Stars will not be enough.  So what's next?  Half-moons?  Green clovers?  

    Xanga should create a XangaCereal with toasted eProps, sweet caramel Stars, Mini marshmallows and TRUE honey badges.   mmm.   delicious.  You could eat XangaCereal all day long as you serially comment on one post to the next.


    The Universal Inbox is interesting in that you can sometimes anticipate a subscription post in-the-making by observing that a particular person has posted pictures first. Often, shortly, thereafter, the post follows.  Could you imagine any way to use that intelligence to your own benefit?  Or the the poster's detriment?  Or the poster's benefit?!


    Xanga is also using the Universal Inbox (UI, or XangUI) to advertise sponsors.  That Xanga survey thingy is periodically popping up amidst all the other subscription-driven and comment-driven alerts with a time-stamp of "sponsored" next to it.  One selling point of Xanga LIFE subscriptions was to dispense with the advertising.  Well, they found a way to re-introduce it to us LIFE-ers.  One sponsored ad once in a while is tolerable, I suppose.  But if they become too frequent,  I will ask Xanga to rename the UI the Sponsored Inbox.


    No, there are no illegal aliens in America's Xanga.  Yeah, some Americans probably think of it as 'theirs' because its offices are here in New York.  But, if anything, we and other English-speakers are being quietly assimilated and may soon be tolerated as the 'oddities-out.'.   Someday Xanga will be so inundated with Chinese blogs in Chinese script that Xanga will need to provide an "English-only" filter just to create an illusion for us English-speakers of continuing familiarity. Don't believe me?  Look at the recently posted sometime: Chinese character blogs often exceed English blogs in number. (I just looked and 8 of 10 were in Chinese script.)   It's just a matter of Xangatime before they assume their rightfully dominant totally Featured position.  (statistics are from




    From Xanga's Search...Thank you very much, my numerous adulants:

    nfp rocks

    So much for things Xanga.  Though I do suspect this: if you use the word 'Xanga' enough in a post, inevitably members of the XangaTeam come a'visiting.  Time after time after time.  It makes me wonder if there isn't a threhold trigger use of the word Xanga that puts one on their "Check-It-Out" list.

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