Month: January 2008

  • I have my moments.  Infrablue moons when I see the world with more clarity and in more detail than almost anyone else alive.  No brag, just piercing clarity, in indescribable detail.

    Such was the case this morning when I came to the realization that vengeance would have been mine.  Except that I had already preempted its necessity.   I recently took care of some bad guys and never even gave them a chance.

    Yes, "Vengeance would have been mine," proclaims the pre-nascent hero-in-waiting.  Pre-nascent heroes-in-waiting are pretty strange: they punctuate, with rare moments of unparalleled clarity and detail, their otherwise bane pre-emergent cachedooms of psycho-encrytpted pregnant latency. 

    Don't just look.  See.  And imagine.  Imagine all the people.

  • Hackers are currently littering Google's Blogger site with phony blogs -- some containing malware, pornographic images, or pure spam.

    "Google Blogger is being used as a malware delivery mechanism," says Ken Steinberg, CTO and president of Savant Protection, who discovered the attack while working on his own blog this morning. The attackers apparently are automatically generating the blogs with scripts. The blogs come with nonsensical names and content that's obviously been generated using English-compliant engines and keyword focuses, he says.

    "They've upped the game. Mostly [blog attacks] have been through comments or postings," he says. Steinberg noted that some of the fake blogs were using malware-insertion techniques: "One of the more common ways of inserting malware is using overflow techniques found in movie [viewers]... When you click through a few of these blogs, up pops images set to auto-load -- some are images, some are movies" that can infect a visitor with malware, he says. (one of my favorite daily reads)

    hrmmm.  Blogger.  And Xanga is free of this??

  • Sometimes a dream is all you have.  Sometimes it's all you need.  An instance...

    I woke up this morning from the lucidest of dreams wherein I finally got to meet a once-upon (and would-have-been) xanga-lover touch-to-touch.  Many details, mostly sentimentally personal or cryptically symbolic, preceed what I'm about to relate.  But it is our final scene of conscious dreaming that left me fully awake and re-organized this morning:

    As we got up to depart from our luncheon date, I accidentally spilled my mostly-undrunk cup of coffee on my sweatshirt.  Instinctly, I jumped up, whipped the sweatshirt off, wiped myself down, and found myself then standing bare-chested and face-to-face with xanga-lover.  Realizing that this, though our first, would be our only moment, we passionately embraced.  I felt her arms wrap around my shoulders as we pulled close to one another.  I felt her feeling me.  Her hands outstretched and gripping my shoulder-blades were commanding yet calmly reassuring.  And then we kissed goodbye.  Taking a step back in parting she said "See ya, Whiskey."  I had never had a nickname before in real-life and was surprised by it.  But I accepted it and said "And thus I am, your Whiskey..."  And improvised "forever ready to whisk you away."

    So long, my whiskey-lover.

  • Hot damn.  This morning, I feel like the President.

    You may ask, "How do you know what it feels like to be the President?"

    Because, once upon a time - and this is psychically corroborated, the President felt just like I now do.

    Hey, what's happening?

    I haven't blogged this much/so frequently since I was vanquished by my last demon-lover-to-be.  It is bless-ed to be back and demon-free. (What do you expect?  I am watching "The Charmed Ones" this morning and am so inspired.)  Would you, too, like to learn to be demon-free?  Just resolve to take the silence of departed friendships-relationships as an instructive lesson for all of life, that is, non-personally.

    Self-illumination of the darkness is the gate to all mystery.

  • I am studying Chinese again.  And I will, once again, start speaking to myself in Mandarin in the shower.

    In 10 years, English language websites will be outnumbered and outranked 10-1 by Asian websites.  That's an inference from a prediction that English and European internet users will be outnumbered by Asian users by 10-1 in ten years.  And China is the biggest part of those 10s. 

    Ancient Chinese emperors never believed that they would or even desired to conquer the world.  They never had notions of conquest like Alexander the Great.  There were once great Chinese naval fleets outpowering all of Europe's, but they never had a design upon ruling the seas.  But the ancient Chinese emperors did have a vision of assimilating everything foreign to their own ways.  The Chinese character for the word 'China' actually means 'center' - like an arrow striking the center of a bullseye target.  They traditionally viewed themselves as the center of all things and all forces.  And to that center, all would eventually return.

    Besides global warming, we are now entering a rapid period of assimilation to all things Chinese.  And so I have decided to re-center myself and return studiously to my Chinese studies.  If nothing else, I'll be prepared to blog on all those new Chinese social networks that will be blossoming like a thousand flowers in the Eastern Spring of days to come.

  • I just imagined that it would be interesting to have an 'auto-post' that would automatically collate all of one's comments on others' posts for a particular day and make them available at day's end on one's own post for others to read.  This would let a fellow reader follow one's own reading/commenting trail through Xanga.  Thus merely commenting around would keep you 'posting-active' and serve as relief for the notorious 'to post or not to post' xangxiety.  Of course, this 'auto-post' would be an option since it would be brutally honest in revealing all of your blogging activity.  Just think of everyone who would want to know whom you're visiting and leaving comments for - and why you didn't visit and leave a comment for him or her.  ha. 

    Another venture into more blogging openness would allow one to make the "Footprints" of others on one's site viewable by all one's visitors.  Of course, Xanga could then provide you the ability to footprint those who view these "Footprints" and the option to make that list public, too.

    The ultimate measure of blogging openness would be a chip implanted in the blogger's brain that would record how many times a day that particular blogger thinks of Xanga and then automatically updates (wirelessly? bluetooth?) the count to a xanga-thought counter on his or her Xanga site.  This would be especially interesting in those cases of bloggers who don't seem to comment or post much - or who don't comment or post anything at all anymore.  You'd could come to my site and see that I haven't updated for over a year.  And then break out laughing when you observe that my xanga-thought counter hits triple digits every day.

  • It's my birthday.

    And the bad news is that I'm sexually broke.

    The not so bad news is that I seem to be financially stable at last.

    The little bit better news is that I'm spiritually re-energizing.

    And the wake-up-and-smile news is that I'm intellectually revamped.

    But if I'm revamped, that means that I've already been vamped before.

    Like I said, I'm sexually vamprupt.

    Who cares bout that bad grade on my life-tap report card anyway?  I don't. 

    So I'm vamprupt and I won't graduate from life with a perfect 4.00.

    An imaginary 3.99 maybe is possible... and that is the Trinity, after all, plus Mother Mary with slight negatory baggage.

    (To explain: CG Jung believed that 4 was the perfect number.  And that the Trinity (of Catholicism and whatever other past and future meta-pagan sects) was perfected by the Goddesshood of the Mother.  So Mary with baggage is a fraction less than 1?  Or maybe report cards and the additive principle are imperfect cognitve assessments?  Or maybe the Trinity strives endlessly for integerhood like Sisyphus pushing his rock up the hill.?

    Is Goddesshood even a word?

    I miss my mother.

    Who said/sang: "Don't worry.  Be happy." ?

    Answer: A very wise soul.

  • Joyous is the day of radical personal spiritual revamping that results in recovery of one's individuation-amidst-all.

    A bit of CG Jung coloring tossed-out in my reflection above.

    I've become something of a xanga cold case.  Put my blog in a box on a shelf.  Come back in about 10 years and exclaim "I wonder what the hell ever happened to notforprophet?!"  ha.

    I'm pretty damn content to be doing nothing this evening.   I'm empty-handed!   What a great opportunity to recount my fingers.

    My indoor house temperature has hovered pretty consistently around 65 degrees this season.  The warmth from my laptop on my lap is, at this very moment, an added comfort.  Also, I'm brewing kiwi-strawberry tea as I type and anticipating the enjoyment of the buckwheat honey soon-to-be-added to its imminent hot-consumable assistance.  Tea-aid.

    It is true that the gods recently tried to drive me mad with an intent to destroy me.  But this propensity to drive another mad turns out itself to invite a form of madness.  And, apparently, my resistance to being driven mad has exceeded the gods' abilities to avoid self-affliction.  So now the gods are all mad.  And I'm pretty damn content to be doing nothing at all this evening. 

  • it is another day yet.  sometimes it is difficult for me to comprehensively conceive of the days upon days calendarically-arranged.  i now sit gazing into the morning sun.  i toss away my focus on things anthropocentric.  biocentric, mine is just one perspective balanced with the many.  i am envisioning spring.  yes, i see the world once again emerging, dancing with irrepressible life energies.  although this vision will not endure through the next snowfall, it will return again.  and stronger - as day leads to day...leads to days.

  • Some think I'm transparent.  I suppose that I would, too, view myself that way were I removed from myself to some transparent proximity.  Such as the Andromeda Galaxy.  You know, there's little obfuscatory Dark Matter between it and our Milky Way.

    So...why is our Way so Milky anyway?   I propose it is because our sector of the universe is infused with an overabundance of female energy.  Milk = fecund female byproduct.  Hence, milky correlates highly with the female presence.  Carlos Castaneda (as expressed in the Art of Dreaming) claimed that 99% of all the entities (both organic and inorganic) in the universe, on the average, register male in gender.  And the female presence is a severely pronounced generalized minority almost everywhere.  Except for a few places here and there.  Like Earth.  Where the feminine principle is in glorious abundance.  Yea for Earth!  Feminity: Earth's most precious cosmic commodity.  Which, of course, makes it a superatively tradeable commodity on the intergalactic markets.  But perish that thought.  Let's just enjoy who we are.  And what we have.  As long as we can.

    This is a just silly post.  To prove that I can be silly, too.  I'm just a silly nobody. 

    "And the greatest man is Nobody."  - Chuang Tzu, totally transparent chinese taoist.

    Please hold on tight to your New Year's resolutions.  Because I don't want them running loose and chasing me down the street.

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