August 3, 2013

  • flow

    In great ocean chasms
    orgasmic currents churn
    to return 
                    to the surface
    all the organics that

    life puts to purpose.

    The oceans and space

                    intermingle, interface

    much more intimately
    than the rock of planets
    alone can possibly do

    under a star’s effusive

                    steady spew

    of incandescent karma.


    Yet though we are born to crawl

    this sphere of lith

    we cleanse ourselves

    of its signature:

    with copious submissions to sea.

    Likewise, Earth bathes itself

    by tiding its waste

    and thereupon procuring

                     a taste

    of the rarest of all cosmic notions:

    seduction by an ocean.

     I, too, know I’ll fade to sky someday
    like a puddle disappearing.
    The drink of wetness held within
    Is much too shallow, spread too thin
    to postpone the fatal fearing.


    So let us churn while churn we can

    as liquid woman and lithic man

    And let me dip while yet I stay

                    with a plop and splash

    and chance to play

    in the motion of  your ocean.

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