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  • xanga, the Wikipedia legacy


    damn.  almost every other reference is to a xanga admin god. laughing

    of course, once xanga goes off air, almost every reference here becomes a dead link.  xanga, on Wikipedia, is doomed: with everything a dead link, its history will be scrubbed.  way to flame out and to burn the books, xanga!

    or maybe, just maybe, Xanga 2.0 will keep the links alive for a little while in service to its own history. kind of like what ghosts try to do after the light of life has moved along.


  • dream of other dreams and better ones

    Where is my wish list boast?  My dream ship host?   My making of the most?

     Things were better when I lived in my childing imagination more.  There, even if there wasn’t actuality, there was inspiration.  There was poetry.  For the envisaging, for the feeling, for the writing.

     Here, in the land of the purported real and actual, there’s only desolation and the chance to encounter the ultimate bane of all existence.

     Fine, perhaps.  It’s the path I seem to have chosen.  When, at the momentous instance of becoming in my youth, the Trickster asked me what I wanted to be, I replied “ a warrior poet”.  But the Trickster cackled back at me: “You can only be one thing.  And you said ‘warrior’ first  And I’m allowed to make the rules.  And that’s the rule I just made for you.”

     And I didn’t protest at that moment with sufficient vociferousness.

     So I’ve been battling that bastard Trickster ever since.  For that’s what a warrior does: battle.  Yet to defeat the Trickster would be to prove him wrong.  To become that poet, too. 

     Now, being not only the damnedestly most intrepid warrior on nether-Earth, but cursed with a strange form of wilely intelligence nethertheless, I strive to regain my Trickster-dissed muse.  Here in the land of the purported real and actual.   I wish to become the bane of my own poetic desolation.

  • Reincarnation? No thanks.

    I have concluded that the XangaTeam is a bunch of religious fanatics who are attempting to prove by proxy that there is life after death.  Reincarnation, even.  And that all who donate are its cult followers.

    It's a great experiment:  Watch Xanga die!  Watch it be born again!  Come with us to the Promised Land!

    Well, I've decided to hang on to the end, but no longer. 

    Moreover, I'd like to post the very last post on this site.  I'd like to be the last Xangan standing! (The new Xangantwoers won't count - they'll become "Xangantwoers" , ha ha.)

    But  how can I assure that I have the very last post?

    Even if Xanga dies on July 31st, will it be at midnight EST or at noon in Hong Kong (HKT time)?  Hell, Xanga is worldwide so shutting down on July 31st could come almost anytime.  If Xanga decides to go by Suva, Fiji time (FJT) and shut down at midnight on the 31st, that would be 8 AM on Jul 30th EST !  Oh, this is so confusing.

    Xanga should have a candle-on countdown and announce the precise hour in a precise time zone that the lights will go out.  Then I can spam my own blog with an inundation of posts to capture the last microsecond of Xanga's real existence.  Never a twoer!  Damn, going out strong.

  • I can't save Xanga.

    Sorry.  There are just too many other more worthwhile causes too care about in this world.

    Xanga has declared that my Lifetime membership ends with Xanga.  Which for me means that Xanga ends with Xanga.

    Xanga 2.0 is doomed to become nothing more than a zombie act of short duration.

    And I don't like zombies.

  • Orchids R

    Orchids are a wonderful relationship flower.

    But they are something you should bring up early in an intimate relationship with a proposition to your partner such as this:

    "Do you want to have awesome sex every day for the rest of our lives?  Orchids?"

    Xanga is broken.  Things are not working right if they are working at all.  Search is 95% dysfunctional.  Archive downloads take way too long.  Commenting works most but not all of the time.  I have five Rec's on my last post which should put me near the top on the Most Rec'd view, but I am nowhere to be found in that list. (Actually, this is just additional evidence that Xanga blacklisted me about 5-6 years ago from ever appearing in any of their promoted views ever again.  I think I scared them.  I believe they thought any popularity thrown my way might lead to Xanga's demise.  Well, well--they can't blame me for the mess they are in.)  There are less users on Xanga now than probably late 2000 or early 2001 - very early in its infancy; but access is getting slower and slower and slobbier.  It took me over 30 seconds to upload this post on my very high speed internet connection (the connection isn't the issue, it is the Xanga servers).  I can't even upload a picture of an orchid to include in this post!  I never had grounds nor ever observed that Xanga totally sucks before.  But it does now.


    If Xanga 2.0 doesn't work out, be reassured that i just purchased and  For $1 apiece.  For one year.  If Xanga 2.0 falters, I will use these two related domains to create a Xanga cemetery where you can upload all your condolences and remembrances about Xanga and fellow Xangans.  Details to be worked out later.  And, oh, by the way, there will be no membership fees!  But you will have to buy a Xanga plot and headstone for $48 a year. cool

  • Xanga's Rebirth and its 2.0 Genesis Device

    As in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Xanga is trying to initialize a Genesis Device in its search of a new glorious rebirth.  In order to keep the rebirth reaction going, it is going to need some money, but I don't believe that will become the early constraining factor.  The most crucial factor in its early success will be the core number of bloggers at its onset--will there be enough and will they be prolific enough in blogging to hold off the impression that the glorious launch of Xanga 2.0 has become spent fuel collapsing in upon itself and plunging it into an inescapable oblivion?

    I was present at the birth of Xanga.  Its early critical core of "bloggers" was actually artificial.  The Xanga founders (nicknamed by me as the "xangagods") created the "community" of these artificial bloggers in their own image and likenesses.  The soon-to-be infamous Bianca (“Bianca Broussard”) was created and developed for PR purposes and went on to spam Geocities users with invitations to join the great new experiment; there were numerous "bloggers" about at the onset, but most, if not all, were apparently either 1) related to the Xanga enterprise by inside invitation or 2) fictional personalities created to shake out the test bed and to create a pre-public, pseudo-real sense of community.

    How do I know this?  The fictitious "bloggers" passwords were easily guessable.  And the real persons (xangagods) fueling the fictitious interactions left enough unpublished messages to each other on these fictitious blogs for someone who was not a prophet to discern this core dynamic.

    In any case, the point is that the xangagods properly recognized that a new startup blogging community had to have a critical core of interacting bloggers or it would fail.   And so they furnished that. They also recognized that once a core was in place, they’d need to grow and grow rapidly to gain momentum and keep things exciting. Hence, the Dec 18th and 19th 2000 primary “Bianca Broussard” recruitment spamming of Geocities users (I was spammed and joined on Dec. 20th 2000). Hence, the secondary recruitment spamming of Angelfire users on March 3rd 2001. In 2001, Xanga finally accrued a self-sustaining base of actual bloggers that made Xanga attractive enough to other potential bloggers to join without the need for further fictitious or spamming shenanigans. At that point, the “training wheels” were no longer needed on the Xanga bicycle.

    With the launch of Xanga 2.0, Xanga may have a critical core of subscription bloggers at its onset to make things “interesting” without the need to resort to fictitious blogging.  But after the initial “birth effect” wears off, what are they planning to do this time to grow and grow rapidly to gain momentum and keep things exciting?  That’s the challenge.  Xanga 2.0’s Genesis Device will need more and more fuel in the form of participative bloggers to keep from imploding.  Xanga 1.0 managed to do this through recruitment spamming that offered free blogging.  Xanga 2.0 ???

    My conclusion is that without some offering of free blogging Xanga 2.0 is doomed.  But I am not a prophet.

  • contemplating the death of xanga in the year 2002

    In a May 2002 post, I conducted a curious Interview with myself and contemplated the death of Xanga...


    An Unlikely Interview

    1) Have you ever co-authored a fictitious blog with one or more Xangans?

    Yes, 1 with 2 others--we were almost certainly the first, and then there’s Goddess, but she’s for real.

    2) Have any Xangans ever sent you nekkid pictures of themselves?  And if so, are you willing to share them?

    Of course.  Not willing to share, but willing to trade.

    3) What % of your sexual libido is nurtured by your involvement in Xanga?

    Xanga is my sexual libido.  Prop me on, prop me off again, baby.  Libido and dildo, hrm…, they almost rhyme!  But no word in the English language rhymes with month.

    4) Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever blogged from?

    Besides my head, I’ve blogged from a tiddy bar, on the side of a road in a blizzard snowstorm in a forest, and from a locked-up cemetery on Halloween night.  You pick strange.

    5) Are you concerned about those who are addicted to Xanga?

    Of course. That’s my only reason for remaining here: to assure that they remain addicted.

    6) Would you continue to blog even if everyone stopped visiting your site?

    Absolutely.  In fact, I’d become even more prolific.  And more brazen and revealing.  I’d get a real kick out of being totally shocking with absolutely no impact.  Like streaking and having nobody at all take notice.  That's zazen.

    7) If you owned Xanga, what’s the biggest change you’d institute?

    My blog would become the portal page…hahahaha…no, actually, I’d invoke *negative eProps* so that I could find out which bastards really hate my guts.  I’d also offer a premium service where you could buy allotments (in 10s, 20s, 30s, etc. ) of professional readers guaranteed to daily visit, comment, and prop you.  But they wouldn’t play like mere sycophants adoring you; instead they’d offer astute praise and criticism designed to improve your skills at blogging.  But seriously…I’d setup an FTP service so that bloggers could easily upload, download, and organize the structure of their blogs without the cloggy constraints of xTools.  And offer sexy Xanga logo apparel for sale!

    8) If Xanga “just died” and remained inaccessible, what would you do?

    I’d wonder.  And stare at the stars.  And grab up the domain if it ever became available.

    9) If the Internet “just died” and remained inaccessible, what would you do?

    I’d wonder.  And stare at the stars.

    10) If the stars “just died” and remained inaccessible, what would you do?

    I’d naturally freak out.  Then, when I came to my senses, I’d stop blogging , stroll outside on a clear night, look up, open my eyes, and rediscover them.   I would.  They’d be there.  And I would dream unbloggable dreams forever.

  • mejane

    Xanga's greatest string of poetic jewels that i can wear no more
    (lost forever without archive i fear)
    i now share mejane exposed ...

    like rings on a tree

    you'll be able
    to see this year
    on me

    like the marks left in earth

    from glaciers
    rolling past

    suffocating the land

    and receding again

    some things
    leave marks



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