Day: November 27, 2013

  • oh DAMN - can't give Xanga any money any more

    oH DAMN. I wanted to sign up for another exciting Xanga site but to my frightful dismay, when I went to the "Join In" page - - , the "Join In" button was disabled. That might explain why the number of backers has stayed constant at 1,175 for weeks. We are now a closed, gated community. Cozy, isn't it?

    On the Xanga Help front, "Eugenia" is the only one left helping; John seems to have disappeared about a month ago. But "Eugenia" has helped about 10 customers (or former customers) in the last week! That's pretty awesome for a site that is doomed. I wonder if John said, "Eugenia, here's the couple of thousand bucks left after Xanga bought me my Copper Parachute. Keep 'the promise' going by for the next year (until the subscriptions expire) by throwing out a Help comment every day or so. Unto the nearly-comatose subscribers that remain, be Xanga's distant ambulance siren in the night."


    I just posted this at the end of the Xanga article on Wikipedia -

    As of November 2013, new users can no longer join Xanga via Xanga's only current user solicitation at Crowdhoster. The "Join In" buttons are now no longer functional and the number of "backers" has been constant at 1,175 for several weeks. Xanga is clearly doomed. Only its date of proximate closure is still unannounced.

    I'm awesome, too!

    Let's see if Xanga is paying attention.

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