Day: June 5, 2011

  • freely into you

    this longing, this passion
    has confounded all direction.
    I turn and turn and turn
    and yet remain enwrapped endlessly
    by the lusty fragrance of your mystical bloom.
    and all I seek is found
    in every glance returned.
    so thus entranced will I accept
    your sweet surrender.
    and by hearts' intent
    fall freely into you.

  • Where have all the voyeurs gone?

    Answer: Hong Kong.

    Ever visit Xanga HK?

    It seems that nobody there ever or nearly never comments on a post.   It's all about the "views".  Everything ranks blatantly on views.  And Xanga HK actually pimps "Top Contributors" in a way they once did long ago (1999-2000) on the U.S.A. site ( but eventually abandoned because it was considered by CEO-type John to be too competitive, contentious, cutthroat and destructive of the social community.  The rankings of old on the U.S.A. site were based on eProps.  Who had the most eProps for a post, who had the most overall, who had the most for a week, etc.  Seems in HK that "views" are the new "eProps".  And the culture there perhaps suggests that it is not so polite to comment as to simply view?  Commenting does not come easy to HK--perhaps commenting suggests an actual intimacy rarely established and so rarely shared?  Or maybe HK is so mobile that most participation (reading) is on small portable viewing devices where it is difficult to comment?  Well, whatever the reason, it does seem strange from the Xanga USA perspective where the view:comment ratio runs around 15:1 whereas in Xanga HK that ratio seems somewhere around 1000:1 . 

    Another thing about HK posts is that they ALL seem to start with what almost seems like a HUGE obligatory graphic at the top, but often with more graphics to follow.  There seems to be a weighting of graphics and words in HK posts that is reminiscent of Ancient Chinese art where the calligraphic element was required and attended the creation but could never upstage the visual aspect itself.  And so, Xanga HK seems like a living posting museum whose primary function is display visuals to be viewed (along with the poster's descriptors) rather than thoughts or feelings to be openly shared and discussed.  In short, Xanga HK is picto-centric, Xanga USA idea-centric. 


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