Month: April 2011

  • About leaping

    nympholept, from Greek nympholēptos frenzied, literally, caught by nymphs, from nymphē + lambaneinto seize
    First Known Use: 1775

    • The Nympholept

      He’d gone too far—he leapt, now leaps
      where others dare not even creep—
      into forests blackened by the night
      —just the thought drives most sane men to fright.
      And there the nymph in deep shadows waits—
      the one who will decide his fate.

      In the pale of the moonlight she begins the dance—
      a dainty step, then a bound, and prance.
      And as she whirls around this captive soul,
      he stares transfixed by her unearthly glow.
      Ten thousand times with as many men
      has she escorted them all to the very same end.

      What mortal can withstand this sight
      of a nymph blazing passionate in the night,
      seducing surreally the male heart
      as if  with magical potions and feminine arts?
      Yet offering nothing more than merely this:
      a captivating dance and undelivered  kiss.

      So through the night he’s knocked down, pulled in
      by this delicate creature’s most immaculate sin.
      He’s a nympholept and can no longer fight
      the urge—so he’ll return tomorrow night
      and for every night until the day he dies—
      when the nymph by first kiss  takes his dying *sigh*.

      So does the nympholept mortally serve the whim
      of the nymph forever hidden in the forest dim.

  • Dreamland, aka Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland Ohio

    Perhaps.  But not enough to escape the inevitable.

    Hrmm... I wonder what's under there?

    I suppose you'd have to be to budge this.

    Even in death, Lower didn't escape his fate.
    (yes, the Upper rock IS attached)



    I was just about, as we tightly cuddled,
    hearts beating together,
    to sweetly whisper to you in assuring breaths
    of my forever enduring love when –

    God barged in, took me aside, and said:

    “Dude.  I just thought I should let you know—
    all of life, the whole world, ended over 5 billion years ago.”

    And He explained...
    “You see, there was a supernova chain reaction
    that enveloped all and banished matter right out of existence.
    Now all there is is the Cosmic Glow of what had been—
    It’s just a faint remembrance, this Golden Cosmic Glow.”

    Cuddle (momentary) interruptus.  And then I realized,
    as I melted back into what had been,
    that we were just a puddle of shimmer
    together in that Glow,
    and all that we had ever intended for one another,
    all our pledges of “never ever letting go of you”
    had, my love, come true.


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